Get a taste of Stanford: Online lectures 2012

These days I’m having too many irons in the fire. To give you some hints, there’s more coming which sheds lights on turning non-negative matrix factorization into an embarrassingly parallel problem (plus avoiding the painful hadoop overhead [1]) and something new which hopefully combines machine learning methods with agile development methodologies to solve a well-known ancient problem in software engineering.

Anyhow, to keep this blog alive, here’s the latest from Stanford. Anyone who has listened to the initial three courses (Database System, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence) surely has enjoyed their quality and will enlist again. They are back with an incredible list of free interactive video lectures on machine-learning:

There is also a set of basic introductions to CS, SaaS and Entrepreneurship. The lectures are splitted into weekly video sessions and optional quizzes or programming exercises.

The offerings will start this January, so don’t miss your spot and sign up now!


Written on November 21, 2011